It’s 2023 and time for a Fox Hunt- (updated)This SUNDAY

This Event is scheduled assuming good Weather Conditions hold up

** This SUNDAY Jan 22, 2023 **
** A 4-Fox Activation **

Who: For JSCARC members, family, friends, interested hams, hobbiests

What:  FOUR FOXES, at the same general property will be activated:

  • 20m Fox #0 146.565 MHz FM (Modulated CW)

  • 80m Fox #1   3.640 MHz CW

  • 80m Fox #2   3.560 MHz CW

  • 80m Fox #3   3.5795 MHz CW

When: This Sunday January 22 from 12:00PM to 4:00PM

Where:  The Foxes will be hidden at trees or structures within a radius of 7 miles from the JSCARC W5RRR shack at the Gilruth Center.  All 4 foxes will be in close proximity (~<1 mi) of each other.



  • Use a 2m HT radio (Baofeng) or fancier equipment from your car; park at places to get your bearings to find the fox.

  • After the 2m fox is found, use an 80m ARDF Receiver* to locate the remaining three 80m foxes hidden at the same venue.


  • Use an 80m radio (General coverage/portable HF) to find the location of the 80m foxes.

  • Find all three 80m foxes

  • Then use a 2m HT to find the 2m Fox, hidden at the same venu


  • * 80m ARDF Receivers are available for self service pickup at the W5RRR shack. Go to the shack and sign out as many as your team may need.  Model: R3500/PJ80

  • A small colored flag will be hanging in the tree or supporting structure to help you locate the Fox transmitter locations.

  • The Foxes are relatively high powered; 20m Fox= 1W, 80m Foxes= 2W so all can be received from the W5RRR shack easily

  • All Foxes will send continuous CW and interval tone signals including a 

    W5OC identifier.  

  • For 2m Baofeng HT users: Use body blocking techninque and also program 4 channels:

      1. The fox frequency

      2. The 3rd harmonic of it

      3. The fox frequency up a few KHz 

      4. The fox frequency down a few KHz

  • Monitor the JSCARC W5RRR Repeater 146.640 MHz (tone 123  Hz) for updates and queries.

73 and happy hunting  Dave W5OC

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