*Another Update* Fox Hunt #2 this Saturday (Dec 3)

*updated reminder posted Dec 2*

I drove out to the site today and fear that the fox beacon might get lost in the tall structures and flat elevation.

So here’s an updated hint:
The fox will be located within a radius of 8 miles from both the JSC Gilruth and the San Jac battleground park.
It will be east of the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) and west of 146.
This revised target area should be more helpful since our fox will only transmit 1W up a tree.
Happy Hunting
-Dave W5OC
*updated reminder posted Dec 1*
Reminder:  this Saturday a hidden 2m Fox will transmit a beacon on 146.565 MHz from 8:30A-12:00P Central time.
It will be located within a radius of 10 miles from both the JSC Gilruth (shack) and the San Jacinto Battleground park (where we’ll be concurrently doing a POTA activation).

Hints and Tips:
0.  A small red flag will be placed by the tree or structure at the beacon location.

1.  Print out a Google Map and draw two circles, one centered on JSC Gilruth and the other on San Jac Park.  Both with 10mi radius.  The overlapping areas are where to look!

2.  John AB5SS posted a link for a good/cheap tape measure yagi DIY  http://theleggios.net/wb2hol/projects/rdf/tape_bm.htm.  
  • Run to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap tape measure (might need 2?)
  • Then go to Lowes for some PVC and make one before Sat.  
  • You’ll need some scrap coax and a connector.
  • Use tie wraps if you don’t have hose clamps.

3.  Someone online said they use a Baofeng UV-5R only:

“I use one exclusively for vhf and uhf foxhunting here in northeast Mass. 
Its great for body fade , and works well with my tape measure yagi. 
I program 4 channels: the fox frequency, the 3rd harmonic of it, and then the fox frequency up a few khz and down a few khz.  
Usually end up not needing the yagi..

4.   I’ll also monitor W5RRR repeater on 146.640, assuming I can hit it from San Jac during POTA ops.

73 W5OC

Dust off your 2m gear.  We’re going to hide another 2m Fox this Saturday.

Who: Members, family, friends, all

What: A 2m Fox Hunt broadcast on 146.565 MHz FM; a 30 second tone (with CW code W5OC identifier) will be continuously sent each minute.

When: This Saturday Dec 3 from 8:30AM to 12:00PM

Where:  A hidden 2m fox will be hidden in a tree or structure within a radius of 10 miles from the JSC Gilruth Center, and also within a radius of 10 miles from the San Jacinto Battleground Park.  Hint:  draw two circles from these location and see where they intersect.

  • Use your 2m Handheld or fancier equipment from your car; park at places to get your bearings to find the fox.
  • Try to track the time it takes for you to find it and we can compare findings afterwards.
  • A small RED flag will be hanging in the tree (or supporting structure) to help you locate the Fox transmitter location.
  • Monitor the JSCARC W5RRR Repeater 146.640 MHz (tone 123  Hz) for updates and queries.

Questions?  W5OC@arrl.net

73 and happy hunting

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