POTA #7 @ San Jacinto photos

The JSCARC member KG5LJZ, KB5PGY, AD5CQ, AB5SS, and W5OC had a terrific Parks On The Air (POTA) outing with gorgeous weather at the San Jacinto Battleground Historical State Park, K-3511.  There was unexpected extraordinary participation by large flocks of Texas’ state bird… the mosquito.  Luckily KG5PGY stopped by Walgreens and brought the magical elixir, Off Repellant.  We operated 2 radio stations:

  1.  10m FT8 using an TS-2000X radio and Wolf River Take It Along (TIA) telescoping antenna with 3 radials
  2. 20m SSB using an TS-590/FT-897 radios and a Sotabeam 20/40 Bandhopper II linked dipole up 25′ onto of a telescoping fiberglas mast

Kudos to KB5PGY for racking up 52 Q’s on 10m FT8

Our final score:


To date, the JSCARC W5RRR station has logged over 75 unique parks in the POTA system, earning a “Sapphire POTA Certificate award”.

Congrats to all the members who have participated to get to this milestone.

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