ARISS Recruitment

The JSCARC ARISS team is seeking new members.  Our W5RRR station became certified as an Amateur Radio on International Space Station (ARISS) ground station shortly before the pandemic. Now we are ready to re-engage.  As a ARISS ground station, W5RRR assists schools to make telebridge contacts with the astronauts on the ISS via our tested and certified rig.  Operations and training are conducted in the W5RRR shack.

Volunteer training activities include participating in training simulations, providing feedback to improve the procedures, and practicing monitoring ARISS ops from the rig (when conditions permit). ARISS ops involves a team of at least 3 hams who set up the rig and the telebridge, then provide RF switching and coordination between the ISS and the telebridge participants.

All licensed ham operators are encouraged to volunteer.  Please indicate your interest by contacting Mike Vandewalle at and Beth Lasater at .

Click here for more information about the ARISS program.