CW Decoder Kit – Order Now!

This will be a group build. Designed by John Maca (AB5SS), Stu Donnan (W4STU), and Mike Vandewalle (N8MTV).

Cost of the kit is $45. Please ensure you pay using Friends/Family option – the link below will default to that payment method.


Reservations and Payment received (last update: 4/15)
Tanner Jones, W9TWJ
Jeff Harbour, AB4MEĀ (x2)
Carl Kotila, WD5JRD
Wayne Thomas, AB5VR
David Fretz, K5DLF
Tony Summerville, N5RPQ
Stephen Shack, KE5ETP
Preston Broesche, KF5KCK
George Fletcher, AD5CQ
David Kimbrell, KG5URA
Joseph Carpinelli, KG5VMC
Joe Ross, W5BSA
Ken Goodwin, K5RG
Andy MacAllister, W5ACM
Jack Wisbiski