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Commtron Accessories DC Power Supply, 3 Amps Very good/Like New $10
(+ shipping)
Local Pickup/Shipping Returns accepted Ken Goodwin
Mosley PRO-67-A
OEM specs:
Covers 10/12/15/17/20 meters; 2 elements for 40 meters; 24′ boom; 2.5kW DC-CW, 5kW PEP-SSB; very rugged construction
Very good/Like New $800
(+ shipping)
Shipping only
*note: currently in Sacramento, CA
Antenna is in excellent condition (pictures and video of it being taken down are available by request). Boom is ~24′ and the 40m dipole is about 28′. Note this resembles more like the PRO-67B but the 40m elements both have dual loading coils in each side and are positioned differently from the diagram in the manual. Fred Gimenes
MFJ-296K Speaker/Mic for Kenwood New (never used) $10
(+ shipping)
Local Pickup/Shipping Ken Goodwin
AL-811H with four 572B tubes installed Very good/like new $850 Local Pickup Get a higher power tank circuit and grid overload protection. Grid Overload Protection protects the tubes from excessive grid current due to mistuning and it protects against excessive drive power. Four 572B tubes give you more plate dissipation than a single 3-500Z tube. AL-811HD gives you 800 Watts output in SSB and 600 Watts for continuous duty in CW, RTTY, SSTVand AM operation.

AMERITRON mounts the 572B tubes vertically, not horizontally, to prevent hot tube elements from sagging and shorting out. Others, using potentially damaging horizontal mounting, require hard-to-find 572B tubes to retard harmful sagging and shorting.

Less than one hour use. Like new! Not a scratch!

David Kimbrell