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Welcome to the The Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC) site.  We are located at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas. Our mission is to actively provide and promote STEAM outreach, emergency operations, mission support, and public service for NASA and the local communities.

Parks-On-The-Air (POTA) @ San Jacinto Battleground Park

The JSCARC will embark on our 11th POTA activation on April 22, 2023- Starting time 0800 CT.


** Volunteers Needed**

JSC has asked the JSCARC to operate parking lot control of news services and the general public for the historic announcement of the Artemis Crew II on Monday April 3. Ham radio operators are to report at Ellington Field on 0800 CT to support the expected 800 VIP, media, and general public attendees. Please contact Terry Quick KA5TBB or Danielle Plauche KI5LQT to confirm support of this event. terryquick@comcast.net danielleplauche@yahoo.com


3/29 (1912 CT) AB5SS Balloon on 2nd lap

John's balloon is over Mali, Africa; on it's 2nd lap around the world

APRS Track Here

CW Keys are in production

The CW VBand project kits are ready for pickup.

2023 Spring Student Interns- Soldering 101

The 2023 Spring semester JSC Student Ham Radio Internship Committee kicked off with a JSCARC sponsoried “Soldering 101” class.  Utilizing W5OC’s bulk buy of Kelvin LED Flashing Kits, which is comprised of 12 components including 2 ... Read more...

POTA 10 @ Galveston – Report

POTA #10 @ Galveston Island Park This blog post is dedicated to David Kimbrell KG5URA, who got up early in the morning, packed and ready to activate at the Galveston Island State Park… but his ... Read more...

POTA #10 Part II (Kites)

N5LOW and KG5URA plan to set the bar with kite antennas for this upcoming POTA activation on March 11. N5LOW already had huge success last month, using his kites and a 20m end fed half ... Read more...

JSCARC POTA #10 @ Galveston Sat March 11

Who:  Anyone!  to date- KG5URA, N5LOW, AB5SS, AD5CQ, K5RG confirmed; W5OC tentative What: Activation of POTA K-3013 Galveston Island Park (and IOTA W5/NA-143) When:  Saturday March 11, 2023 0800-1200 CT Where:  Galveston Island State Park, Picnic Shelter  29.20437467939392, -94.9566918792423  https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/galveston-island/map ... Read more...

$5 Morse Code Key Kit (by AB4ME)

   To purchase (JSCARC members only), please authorize your PayPal remittance of $5 / kit to http://paypal.me/w5rrr/5 This is another JSCARC initiative to encourage hams to (re)learn morse code.  Additionally, this is an example of creative ... Read more...

COLD weather, HOT bands @ POTA GISP

What a great day for portable ops @ Galveston Island State Park (GISP).  This earmark’s the club’s 9th POTA activation. The intrepid JSCARC members, N5LOW, AB5SS, K5RG, and myself (W5OC) had a blast working multiple ... Read more...