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Note:  There will not be a meeting on March 30th.

The next JSCARC meeting is scheduled for
5:30pm, Thursday, April 27, at the Gilruth Moon Room.
This site will be under construction for the next few weeks  

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
The Uplink, the JSCARC's monthly newsletter, is back!
Read it here.


Welcome to the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club, located at NASA's Johnson Space Center, 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas. The club membership is made up of NASA and Contractor employees based in and around the Johnson Space Center. The club is very active in various aspects of the amateur radio hobby:  On-the-air ragchewing, DX'ing, Contesting, Satellites and Public Service.  The members frequently support the numerous public service activities conducted around the space center: fun runs, walk-a-thons, bicycle rides, parades, etc., which are conducted in the Clear Lake area.

stronaut Dr. Laurel Clark speaks with New Mexico school students via one of W5RRR's HF stations.The JSCARC has been very active in the past with the completed Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX), Ground-to-space operations and terrestrial (W5RRR/Schools) operations with schools, and operations with Russian Space Station Mir amateur radio station. The club actively supports the development and operations of the International Space Station (ISS) amateur radio (ARISS) activities.

The club callsign, W5RRR, is very well known on the HF, VHF and UHF bands.  It has been, and continues to be, one of the most active of the NASA facilities amateur radio stations. There's nothing like getting on the air at W5RRR and being "Domestic DX".

This site is a "work in progress." Please send us your suggestions, ideas, favorite amateur radio-related space links. They are welcome and encouraged--we want to improve the website, so please comment.


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