Serving NASA and local communities since 1967

Welcome to the The Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC) site.  We are located at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas. Our mission is to actively provide and promote STEAM outreach, emergency operations, mission support, and public service for NASA and the local communities.


The Shutterfly Share Site is being closed down. We're seeking any ideas where to rehost our photo gallery/min/calendars.


<NEW> The JSCARC had a terrific Winter Field Day. See recent blog post.

<NEW>  JSCARC will be having our monthly meeting on February 9.

WFD (Winter Field Day) @ W5RRR

W5RRR had another great Winter Field Day outing this year. In spite of lousy weather (wind and rain), N5LOW, KG5URA, K5KUA (guest), AB5SS, KG5U, KB5PGY, and KA5TBB  came to participate.  Special acknowledgement to David KG5URA, who setup ... Read more...

JSCARC Fox Hunt #3 Report

Under clear skies and plenty of sunshine, the JSCARC Fox Hunt #3 was successfully conducted on Sunday Jan 22. I ended up selecting the League City Walter Hall Park, a gorgeous 86 acre park with ... Read more...

It’s 2023 and time for a Fox Hunt- (updated)This SUNDAY

This Event is scheduled assuming good Weather Conditions hold up ** This SUNDAY Jan 22, 2023 **** A 4-Fox Activation **Who: For JSCARC members, family, friends, interested hams, hobbiests What:  FOUR FOXES, at the same ... Read more...

George is no square

George AD5CQ brought his newly homebrew 2m Triangle Loop to the January 12 JSCARC monthly meeting. An impressive looking aluminum triangle UFO, it was built by George based on the January/February 2023 QEX magazine article authored ... Read more...

Parks On The Air #8 Galveston Island 01/07/23

What an absolutely gorgeous day at Galveston Island State Park for the JSCARC POTA activation #8, K-3013 on Sat Jan 7 0800-1200 CT! Our Saturday intrepid morning trekers included Terry N5LOW (who got there 1st!), ... Read more...

Ham Radio Interns Article in JSC Roundup

Special thanks to JSCARC members Jeff/AB4ME and Dale/KG5U for participating in the Fall Semester JSC Student Interns Ham Radio program.  This past semester’s group was led by Kim Zwolshen, KE8QKU, who helped organize a terrific ... Read more...