Serving NASA and local communities since 1967

Welcome to the The Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC) site.  We are located at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas. Our mission is to actively provide and promote STEAM outreach, emergency operations, mission support, and public service for NASA and the local communities.

Winter Field Day 2024

Ham Radio operations to demonstrate emergency preparedness


o NASA On The Air (NOTA) begins Apollo 8's 55 yrs commemoration throughout Dec

o Dec 5 - JSCARC annual Christmas Dinner

o Dec 7 - JSC Jingle Mingle radio support volunteers sought

o Dec 16 - POTA #17 @ San Jacinto Battleground Park


o Nov 16 University of Houston ARC visited W5RRR

o Nov 18-19 W5RRR (W9TWJ/AB5SS) Top 10 national score for ARRL SSB Sweepstakes contest

o Nov 19 JSC Ham Student Interns finish semester with 2m Fox Hunt @ Gilruth

o Nov 25 POTA @ Sheldon Lake Park

Finding Freddy the Fox in McKinney, TX

Since our daughter couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving, my wife and I decided to travel up to Denton for a few days to see her.  Not to pass up an opportunity to go foxhunting, I ... Read more...

POTA 16 @ Sheldon Lake

Sheldon Lake State Park is only 33 minutes from JSC. It’s a beautiful park with plenty of mini-camp sites to spread out multiple ops on the same band. The park entrance is FREE For our ... Read more...

Doppler T-Hunt at the Gilruth

Four of the JSC Student Interns from this semester attended a Fox Hunt (or T-Hunt) this past Sunday, November 19, held by Jeff AB4ME.  Jeff hid 2  Bynoics  MicroFox 15mW transmitters (146.565 and 146.430 Mhz) ... Read more...

2023 SSB Sweepstakes (Climbing to Success)

Tanner W9TWJ and John AB5SS, teamed up again this year to reclaim the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes Award for the Southwest Division.  With Covid and babies (congrats Tanner) under control, the W5RRR shack would once again ... Read more...

A visit to the SETAC group

South East Texas Amateur radio Club (SETAC) Thanks to David KG5URA, a SETAC flyer was sent to us, advertising a Saturday (Nov 11) Fox Hunt (and POTA) at the San Jacinto Monument. After just completing ... Read more...

2023 Safety and Health Day

On Wednesday, November 1, JSCARC hosted a table at the annual JSC Safety and Health Day program, where hundreds of JSC NASA employees and their contractors stood down to ingest presentations and venues that coveyed ... Read more...