7/17 Net Traffic

Calendar events

July 23-29 NASA 60th anniversary NASA-On-The-Air Special Event

This event will celebrating the 60th anniversary when Eisenhower signed the creation of NASA. We’re preparing to kick this effort off beginning next week by operating on-the air 1 week prior to the actual July 29th commemoration day. This means, from Monday July 23 thru Friday July 27, we will ask all hams to operate on-the-air from the shack after work (or during the day, if you can), all the while announcing that this is as a special event commemorating the signing of NASA 60 years ago.

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QSL Update

Between celebrating the 50th anniversary of the JSCARC with a special event and with the ongoing NASA On The Air operating our mailbox certainly has been consistently full with QSL cards over the last 6 months.

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