Soldering 101 Class (March 15th)

 Soldering Class

On Thurs March 15, we held our first JSCARC hosted Soldering 101 class. Actually, it was a practice kit building project which included soldering discrete components onto a PCB. Thanks to the wonders of Ebay great deals, 225 small kits of Blinking LED lights was won for use in this type of class.

We primarily offerred this class to the new wave of students currently taking Bob’s N9RCS weekly Tech License Class.  With sheepish advertising, we had a relatively good turnout of 6 students. Most incredibly, we had a great turnout of very generous mentors (Elmers) from the club which were Jeff, AB4ME, Stu W4STU, and Terry, KG5TJT.  This was kind of an experiment on several levels- one was to see if we could use soldering irons without a) setting off the fire alarms; or b) leaving scorch marks on the table.  Turns out that the room did not have the fancy smoke detectors, and nothing was triggerred (whew… since I forgot to bring a fan).  Also, the tables in the room were metallic so there were zero opportunities to leave burn marks in the wood.  Proudly, though, we cut out 2’x2′ swatches  of carpet reminents from our shack reflooring rennovation.  How’s that’s for great conservation/reuse story!

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