Brrr…Winter Field Day @ W5RRR Jan 27/28 anyone?

Yep, this is last minute, but one of our NOTA sister stations announced their intent to participate in this less popular operating event. So in the interests of partnership, competition, NOTA presence, and plain good ol’ fun, a modest setup will be made in support of this event.  We’re not going for any big scores nor 24 hour ops, but just to kick the tires and make a few QSOs.  Note: we will NOT operate using any W5RRR shack equipment and we’ll be operating outside of the shack.

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John’s CW Decoder Kit – Taking Orders Soon!

As reported in recent 2m Tuesday net traffic, John AB5SS is nearly complete with a nano arduino based CW Decoder project board kit. Many thanks to John for his countless hours in development along with assistance from Stu W4STU, and Mike, N8MTV. John brought the finished kit and demonstrated it at the last club meeting. This is an excellent project for hams who are just learning how to send and copy morse code, or for those who hate CW but want to decode the messages thru this device. Standby for how the club prefers to handle order requests.

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Congratulations Paige Veal, KN4GHU

Remember Paige Veal of Carrollton, GA?

Paige attended the West Georgia Amateur Radio Society’s Field Day back in June and made a QSO with W5RRR via their GOTA station. JSCARC confirmed her QSO and sent her a QSL card and some NASA mementos. In mid-July, JSCARC received word that Paige was studying hard for her license with her Dad, Brian (KM4UPX).

Well, no need for a GOTA callsign anymore… Paige was just granted her Technician license and the callsign KN4GHU!

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W5RRR has new clothes

On September 22, 2017, the JSCARC members and the JSC Center Operations Rigging Team, successfully replaced our aging 80′ tower and antennas.  Incredibly, within 6 hours, the tower and antennas were disassembled onto the ground, and a refurbished tower with new antennas were installed.  This accomplishment is nothing short of a miracle and it’s an example of terrific teamwork (and heavy lifting!)

We collected a ton of photos.  Here are just a few…

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New 10-GHz Earth-Moon-Earth World Record Set

New 10-GHz Earth-Moon-Earth World Record Set

This is pretty cool how world records can be broken with actually relatively modest equipment and extreme analysis, attention to details and perseverance.  This the stuff that invokes the scientist in every one of us.  From   “A new 10-GHz Earth-Moon-Earth (EME or moon bounce) world record has been set. On September 9, Rex Moncur, VK7MO, and Jim Malone, WA3LBI, completed a 18,949.4-kilometer contact using QRA64D. This extends by approximately 600 kilometers the previous world record of 18,337 kilometers held by DL7FJ and ZL1GSG, who used CW.  

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The JSCARC EOC tuner saga



I’ve been working on trying to repair the Building 30 Emergency Ops Center external tuner.  This is a big deal since our club is  chartered to support the center emergency radio capability.  Thanks goodness it wasn’t needed during Harvey.

The defective tuner is an MFJ 998RT full KW remote tuner unfortunately with a known speckled reputation of reliability.

Our EOC capability is currently inop due to this broken device, likely hit by lightning. 

After valiant clever attempts to fixed the “No Interface PIC” and “Wake up” circuitry and after a  replacement of a a PIC controller, the tuner is still not working.

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