T-Hunt Overview Part 2 (Handi-Finder)

AB5SS will kickoff a T-Hunting event for the club on May 12. He’s found a very useful Direction Finder project kit, called the HANDI-Finder, which utilizes a simple CMOS oscillator to continuously switch your Handheld FM radio between two small wire loop antennas made from wire coat hangers.  Due to this phase-difference detection scheme, by adding a small handle and turning it,  a very sharp positional null can used to help one locate a signal’s direction.   It’s a perfect small project for T-Hunting.  The current pricing is $27.95 +$6 shipping which is a nice sweet spot for a DIY project.

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4/18 ARISS Audio Downlink

Here’s an audio clip of Mike N8MTV’s successful tracking and downlink of the ISS ARISS station NA1SS and KD2IFR, from the W5RRR Satellite Station.  This was a scheduled ARISS school contact with the Central Islip Union Free School District, Central Islip, NY on April 18.

The school is described as, ” – Home of the Musketeers and a proud Suffolk County, New York school system, where approximately 8,000 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 receive their formal education. Our School District’s motto is Children Our Future ~ Diversity Our Strength. The Central Islip Union Free School District is comprised of eight schools: one district-wide early childhood center, four elementary schools, two middle schools and a high school.”

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4/14 Aliens vs Astronauts

19 hams from JSCARC and CLARC supported the JSC Aliens versus Astronauts fun run.  Ham teams demonstrated flexibility and resourcefulness to adopt to last minute and unexpected course map and coordination changes. Kudos to David, KB5PGY, who ran a tightly controlled Net Control.  David also gave several members a chance to run NCS as part of … Read more…