T-Hunt Overview Part 2 (Handi-Finder)

AB5SS will kickoff a T-Hunting event for the club on May 12. He’s found a very useful Direction Finder project kit, called the HANDI-Finder, which utilizes a simple CMOS oscillator to continuously switch your Handheld FM radio between two small wire loop antennas made from wire coat hangers.  Due to this phase-difference detection scheme, by adding a small handle and turning it,  a very sharp positional null can used to help one locate a signal’s direction.   It’s a perfect small project for T-Hunting.  The current pricing is $27.95 +$6 shipping which is a nice sweet spot for a DIY project.

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4/18 ARISS Audio Downlink

Here’s an audio clip of Mike N8MTV’s successful tracking and downlink of the ISS ARISS station NA1SS and KD2IFR, from the W5RRR Satellite Station.  This was a scheduled ARISS school contact with the Central Islip Union Free School District, Central Islip, NY on April 18.

The school is described as, ” – Home of the Musketeers and a proud Suffolk County, New York school system, where approximately 8,000 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 receive their formal education. Our School District’s motto is Children Our Future ~ Diversity Our Strength. The Central Islip Union Free School District is comprised of eight schools: one district-wide early childhood center, four elementary schools, two middle schools and a high school.”

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