W5RRR/R 3PP (3 Park POTA)

In spite of a looming Hurricane Beryl, W5RRR/R made its advertised presence on the air at the three parks: Galveston, Justin Hurst, and Brazos Bend.
105 QSOs across CW and SSB on 15 and 20m.
Joe K5KUA showed up at Galveston park to report that he couldn’t operate since they were quickly preparing for their evacuation from adjacent Jamaica Beach.
Turns out that Galveston Park was shuttering Saturday night and as I found out later, Brazos Bend was evacuating the campsite on Sunday as well.
Good luck to Joe and his XYL, who plan to leave this morning.  By a stroke of good fortune, Joe called Bastrop campsite even tho they were full; the ranger gave them an unadvertised emergency hookup site in the park.
Justin Hurst WMA was a first time activation for W5RRR and the 3 park distances were a reasonable triad for another 3PP if enough interest exists in the future.
20m continued to be a good band during the morning but conditions deteriorated a bit in the afternoon.
Likewise 15m was it’s usual mediocre self.
A super fast squall came through Brazos Bend.  The out-of-nowhere frequency of thunder allowed me to quickly dump the equipment into the van and get out of dodge just as the heavy rainstorm hit.
That was a calamity avoided!
Equipment used:
Random length doublet fed w/ open line twinlead
Dentron Jr. bal to unbal tuner
30’ fiberglas mast
Surveyors tripod

This was my exit from Brazos Bend!

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  1. Great write up PPP POTA event! I had planned to join you guys but Mother Nature had other plans that put a monkey wrench in my adventure.


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