Spotlight: Terry N5LOW


How long have you been a ham?

Since May 2017

How did you get interested/started?

I had a large 27Mhz setup Back in min 70’s and Listening to offshore shrimpers on a receiver in Corpus Christi Texas with Dad. He bought me a Kenwood R-300  .2 – 30 mhz Receiver and we enjoyed listening to the ham operators talk about electronic circuits , antennas and tube theory. This led to me attending DeVry Institute of Technology in Dallas 1977-79. During the next 20 years I worked on Transceivers , Radar, and 2-18 Ghz antennas . Roll the clock up to 2017 and I started working on the international space station and found myself in JSCARC.

Favorite ham radio modes/activities

My favorite mode is HF. I send most of my time on  20Meter or 14 mhz. Its a daytime band.  Building and testing antennas, and antenna transformers, I enjoy history and theory.

Favorite ham gear, and/or antenna type?

I like tuning, and have a tube type 500 watt amp, and a 3000 watt antenna tuner that is manual.

What you’d like to learn to do in the future?

I plan on learning the sat station at the shack followed by earning my Extra ham license.

Most fun or funny ham radio memory.

Experimenting with DMR. Transmitting ,”hello is this thing on ?   and getting a reply” yes you are on the salt grass network.

Projects you are currently working on? 

Field day 40 meter total ladder line antenna.

Best radio accomplishment you are proud of.

Learning morse code.  This has been something that I have wanted for many years. Talking to California on sideband at the JSCARC shack. It was like they were standing next to me. 

What other hobbies you have interest in? 

Electronics, and discrete components,  resistors,capacitors and transistors. Saltwater Fishing.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I have been a Instrument rated , multi-engine private pilot, a scuba instructor, and navigated a boat 35 miles offshore texas many times.


The N5LOW shack!

Photos below include:

  1. Old school manual Viking antenna tuner (handles 3KW!)
  2. Trusty Tektronix 2232 analog scope
  3. Audio processing soundboard
  4. Raspberry Pi4
  5. Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver + Kenwood R300 Receiver
  6. Ameritron AL-811 Amp, Daiwa CN-901 SWR Bridge, AT-600PROII
  7. Kent Dual lever Iambic paddle
  8. 2m FT2980 transceiver w/ outboard studio mic on tripod, tuned into W5RRR repeater
  9. Rohm 50 foot push up pole.  Currently @ 27ft non-guyed.

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