JSC Fall Student Interns @ W5RRR

Over the last two months, the club has sponsored 3 visits by this semester’s JSC Pathways and Regular Student Interns.

As part of their Ham Radio Student Intern Committee, led by student Kim Zwolshen, KE8QKU, we’ve enjoyed our best overall participation and fun.

12 students were provided a good overview of ham radio and it’s benefit to their student and professional career growth.  In particular, emphasis was made to the important networking that this hobby provides.  The new of Student scholarships were conveyed as widely available from the ARRL.

Projects we conducted:

  • Soldering 101 (LED flasher kit)
  • 80m Fox Hunt with 3 hidden beacons on Gilruth property
  • On-the-air QSOs including Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon lighthouse, and other
  • 2m Slim Jim J-pole ladder line antenna build
  • RTL-SDR usb radios for experimention

Special thanks to AB4ME and KG5U for support.

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