JSCARC classes are baaaack…

We’re baaaack… providing amateur radio license classes to all JSC center employees and students.

Dr. Bob Scully has taken the instructor lead to kickoff this years first series of Technician licensing training courses beginning today February 21 and lasting approximately 9 weeks. At the end of the course, an FCC license exam will be provided by our team of VE’s, led by KB5PGY at the Gilruth Center.

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Echo-Echo-Echo- Echo…. link!

AB5SS delivers again! John setup a remote echolink station which adds a new capability for W5RRR. At least for now, John has implemented an echolink remote station at his QTH to serve as the W5RRR-R echo link connection to our repeater in support of the weekly W5RRR FM net held on Tuesdays on 146.640 @ 7:00PM. With this new capability, anyone outside of the immediate W5RRR repeater coverage area can participate in our weekly net.

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FLIP OR FLOP (Part 3) – The Furniture Move

KG5HOK and N5FWB led the charge to finish the day with an attempt to move the MCC styled consoles into the shack. Previously placed in holding storage in the ESTA (Energy Systems Test Area) facility (the place where KB5PGY regularly blows up flight assets- in a controlled manner of course…), the club members who just finished disassembling the ham shack console now jumped into 3 trucks and loaded up the truck beds from the ESTA garage. Heavy, heavy, heavy.

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