Introduction into Contesting – November 18th

If you’d like to try out contesting, on November 18th, the ARRL Sweepstakes kicks off the SSB segment (CW just concluded last weekend).

Never contested? No problem.

For this event, you can’t operate for more than 24 hours for the duration of the event and can only have one transmitter on the air. It’s a perfect time to dive right in, see what contesting is all about, and have fun!

More information on the contest: ARRL Sweepstakes

Here are the main goals for this event:

  1. Introduce anyone who is interested to contesting
  2. Experience for yourself the two roles
    1. Operating
    2. Logging
  3. Have fun!
  4. A bonus goal will be to Sweep (or work all sections).

If you’re interested in coming out for a few hours on Saturday November 18th, we’ll kick things off around 3pm.

All are welcome!

Contact David Lee (W5OC) or Tanner Jones (W9TWJ) for more information.

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