Deep Space Ham Radio, anyone?

John, AB5SS, is an avid weak signal ham.  He enjoys the challenges of microwave including Deep Space Network (DSN) reception and propagation.   The photo represents Canberra, Australia’s 3x 70m Deep Space dishes tracking the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn.  With the advent of all the neat digital signal processing SW out and some smart antenna configurations, John wants to do some DSN ham work at the JSC club.  Any takers?  Paul Marsh, M0EYT, is moderator of the yahoo group amateur-DSN.  He successfully received telemetry from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn… using only minor modification using an off the shelf 1.8m dish manually steered.

Serious DX: The Deep Space Network | Lackaday.

Paul has also successfully received the MARS Reconnaisance Orbiter at 50 Million miles out. His Yahoo Group is intended to swap ideas relating to the recent interest in Venus Express and Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter reception at 8.4 GHz  and other weak signal opportunities.

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