WX4BK (Paige), welcome to Ham Radio!

Tanner Jones, W9TWJ, (our 15m SSB anchor during FD), happened to stumble on a photo showing a YL making contact w/ W5RRR FD.  He contacted the club:

“There’s a young lady, Paige Veal (father Brian Veal, KM4UPX), who was at the West Georgia Amateur Radio Society’s Field Day last week and who made contact with us on 15m phone via the call WX4BK (their GOTA station).

I reached out congratulated her on her QSO. Blake Raab (N4BWR) asked if there was anyway we could send her a QSL card.”

Well, Tanner verified the QSO and sent her a nice letter on behalf of JSCARC.  He included  a JSC Avionic Systems Division patch and pin along with one of our stock QSL cards.

What is a GOTA station?..  It is an opportunity for any Technician or Novice licensees, newly licensed amateurs and non-licensed persons to experience first-hand the fun of amateur radio by allowing them to GET ON THE AIR (GOTA).

Good job, Tanner!

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